Python for use corporate ecommerce site?

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Fri Aug 16 15:49:33 CEST 2002

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stibbs  <stibbs at> wrote:
>> I'd _strongly_ recommend you use a web service framework like Zope,
>> Albatross, etc. rather than develop your own. You've got more than
>> enough to do in implementing the shop!
>Reading up on all of them now. I have toyed with zope about 2 years ago
>and didn't really get into it to muc but i'll give it another shot.
What kind of advice should we give regarding "reading up
on ... them"?  While there are even a couple of (good)
books on Zope now, for instance, Zope is FAR bigger than
the books make clear.  'Least, that's how I read them.
One of the hardest jobs in studying all these frameworks
is to get a real handle on just how much they can do for
you.  I don't have a satisfying answer for that one, yet.

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