Error including win32net in a Python COM server

Emanuel Borges eaborges at
Thu Aug 1 11:34:29 EDT 2002

Thank you for your help.

I actually learned how to create COM servers from your book.  So when
I couldn't get this one to work, I inserted the "SplitString" method
from your book because I know that I have once gotten that to work. 
So the code calling the object is the one you had in your book in VBA.
 I've attached it below for reference.  As I had said, it works great
as long as I remove the line importing win32net.

>From VBA in EXCEL:

Sub test()
Set PythonUtils = CreateObject("PythonDemos.MW_COM")
response = PythonUtils.SplitString("Hello from VB")
For Each Item In response
  MsgBox Item
End Sub

Thanks again,

Mark Hammond <mhammond at> wrote in message news:<3D486BC3.9010607 at>...
> Emanuel Borges wrote:
> >>win32net uses functions only available on Win NT/2k/XP - you should use 
> >>win32wnet for Win9x.
> > 
> > 
> > Thanks Mark but I am using these functions on a Windows 2000 system. 
> > The functions themselves work fine.  It's when I include them into my
> > COM server that gives me errors.  If you register this code in your
> > registry, do you have the same problems?  I'm using VBA in Excel to
> > access these methods, if that helps...
> That is strange.  Can you send me a trivial COM object that demonstrates 
> the problem?
> Thanks,
> Mark.

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