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> > > Hallo python gods :-)
> > > 
> > > I'm looking for a easy-to-use module which let's me draw some plots
>  ....
> > > As you can probably tell from the above, the more simple the solution
> > > the better.
> > > 
> > > 
> > 
> > I had the same problem few months ago.If you are familiar with
> > gnuplot, the following snippet is the simplest way to do the job:
> > ...
> Or you could use the python Gnuplot module from
> Greetings
> Berthold

I am aware of the existence of Actually, it was my first choice
few months ago, when I needed it. However you have to spend some time to
use it, you must install numeric,  look at the examples, understand how it
works, etc. Browsing on the source code I understood that the only relevant
line was the piping instruction popen('gnuplot -persist','w') (at the time
I was a newbie and I didn't known about it). Then I wrote myself a simple 
script doing the job. IOW, my reply to the OP was intended in this sense:
don't rely too much on packages written by others, sometimes you can
implement yourself the functionality you needs in five or six line (thanks 
to Python ;-). Then I gave him the snippet he needed. All in the spirit of
the old chinese saying:

"don't give a poor man a fish: teach him fishing"


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