Could Python supplant Java?

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>> And how do I test the tests?  (If your test software is there to
>> ensure your program works - what is ensuring your test software
>> works?  Do you have test test software?  And test test test 
>> software?)  We're back to what I said before - testing is the
>> LAST line of defense against bugs.
> You write a test. You run it. IT FAILS. This is important. If it
> passes, then there is something wrong with the test, or with your
> understanding of what the code already does. Now you write some code,
> the absolute minimum that allows the test to pass. Now you run the
> tests again. 

What I meant to say was:
  You write a test. You run it. IT FAILS FOR THE CORRECT REASON.

If the test fails because the parameters were wrong, or a class didn't 
exist this doesn't help. You may need to fix the test or the code and 
repeat until the test fails for the expected reason.

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