Very simple graphic plotting...

Eni M. eni at
Wed Aug 7 14:41:54 CEST 2002


I am also interested in tools for plotting, but I would like to have
the possibility to interact with the plot too, by selecting e.g. lines
on it and generate by this selection other events (e.g. a query).

I have already hacked something with Tkinter, using Canvas,
Canvas.create_line(), Canvas.tag_bind() and it works fine, the only
problem is that I'd like to have also rescaling capabilities, or
zooming, and a good visual quality for my plots - which by myself I
could not achieve.

I had a look to VPython and looks fine for zooming, rescaling, and
element selection for all but the elements of the Graph plotting
package. Let say, if I plot some lines with the "gcurve" object, I
could not refer to each of the lines separately. And then, it seems
that you cannot insert a VPython plot in a Tkinter frame, which is my

I've tried also and DISLIN. Both produce excellent plots,
but they do not offer the kind of interactivity I'm looking for. Or,
perhaps I couldn't find out how.

Does anyone know of examples that allow for such an interaction, i.e.
they offer good plotting capabilities and the possibility to easily
manipulate distinct elements of the plot.



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