Is it worth learning python?

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Wed Aug 21 23:22:27 EDT 2002

On 21 Aug 2002 11:42:53 -0700
gusraan at (Raphael Ribeiro) wrote:

> I wanna start learning some real programming language (I know now
> only Visual Basic , but i don't find it interesting ,sorry for the
> vb programmers, but this is my opinion). And I was reading some docs
> , which were talking about lots of programming languages, I saw
> there Python , and took a look at some python sites. I saw some
> snippets and read some docs and liked the language a lot. But I
> don't know if this language is well-accepted in the market and if
> having a good python knowledge would give me a good job..

well-accepted? Not enough now. But I think future well-acceptance is
mort important, it maybe risky, though.

> I am only
> 17 and I'm only making plans, so if you have any suggestions tell
> me.

Hmmm... I'm only 18 and also only making plans :)

Suggestion is: First, forget VB, it's not cross-platform, and locked
by one company, which will lead you to unfortune. Then learn both
python and java, and ... .Net/C#, though not yet investigated. Then, 
the most important, software-engine.

And... trusting my suggestion maybe also risky :)

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