Is there an editor which is extentable with python?

Peter Hansen peter at
Sat Aug 10 15:52:21 CEST 2002

Michael Melchert wrote:
> Heiko wrote:
> > I search an editor which can be extented using python.
> > It should run under linux and have a graphical user interface.
> Have a look at Nedit, I am using it for almost all my
> code editing needs on different *nices

While NEdit looks like a very nice editor, it does not appear
that it can be "extended using python" as the OP asked.
Its macro language is "a simple interpreter with integer 
arithmetic, dynamic strings, and C-style looping constructs 
(very similar to the procedural portion of the Unix awk program)"

Did I overlook a feature that allows macros in Python?


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