Newbie Q: Adding String to list

DP pennedinil at
Thu Aug 1 08:27:22 CEST 2002

Newbie questions - I'm trying to improve my skills by trying to code more
efficiently, and all help will be appreciated.

I have an array
AA = ["a","b","c"]

I'd like to add text, let's say
x = "x"

to each element of the array, to get
AAx = ["xa","xb","xc"]

What's the simplest way to accomplish this?
I'd like to avoid looping over AA.

And if
X = ["x","y","z"]

what's the best way to generate (the equivalent of)
AAXX = |"xa","xb","xc"|

AAX = ["xa","xb","xc","ya","yb","yc","za","zb","zc"]

if I have an array with N elements, what's the best way to convert this into
a 2 dimensional array with (n X m) elements, where n*m = N. And vice versa.

I need to be able to do this with numeric data too, but I should be able to
figure that out from any hints I receive from above.

Thanks in advance.


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