inconsistency with += between different types ?

Delaney, Timothy tdelaney at
Wed Aug 7 19:53:17 EDT 2002

> From: Andreas.Leitgeb at [mailto:Andreas.Leitgeb at]
> That's exactly what I meant.
> For immutable objects, __iadd__ et al. simply make no sense (IMHO).
> To Christopher and other defendants of status quo:
>  Do you know of any real use that a not-self-mutating __ixxx__ 
>  may have, which its non-i version __xxx__ could not do ?


Using augmented assignment, a lookup is performed for __iadd__. If that
fails (an AttributeException thrown) then __add__ is looked up. Lookups and
thrown exceptions are expensive.

Immutable objects may well choose to implement __iadd__ for the performance
boost. In that case, the code is usually:

class I:

    def __add__(self, other):
        return self

    __radd__ = __iadd__
    __iadd__ = __add__

Tim Delaney

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