Python doc crashes mozilla 1.1

Huaiyu Zhu huaiyu at
Fri Aug 30 20:06:49 CEST 2002

[I wrote about mozilla 1.1 crash while printing]

John Ochiltree <jo at> wrote:
>You don't say which OS you're running on but I just tried mozilla 1.1
>talkback version on Win XP Pro & SuSE 8.0 pro and couldn't replicate the
>problem. Looking at the page I can't see anything 'weird' at all.

That was on SuSE 7.1.  I just tested on RedHat 7.1, which printed OK.  So
it's either just SuSE 7.1, or some local configurations.

I can't see anything obviously wrong on this page, but the strange thing is
that the crash only happens for this page, every time (to file or to printer).


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