Database experiences in Python: Good or Bad?

Rhymes raims at
Wed Aug 7 04:11:42 EDT 2002

On 6 Aug 2002 15:11:13 -0700, woodsplitter at (David
Rushby) wrote:

>  I'm actively maintaining and enhancing a Python+(Firebird/Interbase)
>package named kinterbasdb:

Wow. It seems great!

>  At this point, it's closely DB API-complient and reliable; I use it
>in production, and have communicated with numerous others who do the
>same.  There are at least two Zope adapters built upon it (see

KinterbaseDA is stable enough on W2K? (The maintainer say not...) and
ZFirebirdDA doesn't release any file...

>  Here's a good overview of Firebird:
>  Firebird is undoubtedly better than MySQL, except perhaps with
>regard to speed.

I think Firebird (I used Interbase for a while) is better than MySQL
because the latter doesn't support all the features of a real you agree with me?

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