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Wed Aug 7 16:30:57 CEST 2002

chr_werner at (christian) wrote in message news:<8829a034.0208060642.9119f81 at>...
> Hallo python gods :-)
> I'm looking for a easy-to-use module which let's me draw some plots
> As you can probably tell from the above, the more simple the solution
> the better.

I had the same problem few months ago.If you are familiar with
gnuplot, the following snippet is the simplest way to do the job:

import os
gnuplot=os.popen('gnuplot -persist','w')
set title 'Simple diagram'
plot x*x

The quality of gnuplot drawings maybe is not the top, however it is
easy to use, well documented and free. It has also powerful features
as fitting of
data sets with user provided functions.

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