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On Thu, 08 Aug 2002 04:14:36 GMT, Mart van de Wege Wrote in
Steve Ballmers hair grease:

> On Thu, 08 Aug 2002 01:45:11 +0200, Peter Hansen wrote:


>>> There are however plans to port Python to the Parrot VM, so that it
>>> will share a common VM with Perl. I am watching with interest, as I
>>> really like the combination of Perl for the heavy lifting on the back
>>> end, and Python for creating maintainable front-ends (Python *really*
>>> shines in writing GUI code).
>> Sounds like a strange combination, unless you've really got a thing for
>> Perl.  What "heavy lifting" can it do that Python can't do at least
>> roughly as well?  (But no language war intended.  I just don't
>> understand why somebody would want to mix the two, unless his dislike of
>> each was about equal.  I thought both were roughly on par in general
>> capability. :)
> Actually, strange as it may sound, I like both Perl and Python. But Perl
> really shines in text processing. Just running through a file and
> extracting the bits you need with regular expressions is so easily done.
> Constructs like the 'while (<FILEHANDLE>)' loop, which takes a  line from a
> file  until EOF (meanwhile assigning it to the default variable) make it
> really easy to toss of simple filter scripts.
> For sure Python can do that too, but it takes a little more setup work,
> and the clean (more or less <grin>) integration of regexps in looping
> constructs such as above, makes me prefer Perl to do data extraction.
> Mart

Hi Mart

having just taken a look in my python book at the section (albeit
briefly) on the regular expression module (import re), this was of
interest to me. My book says it's a relatively recent module, designed
to address some shortcomings in pythons handling of regular

Does this module make the shortcomings you are discussing a non-issue,
or do you feel there is more to be done to bring python up to the
regex handling capabilities of perl?



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