Using 3rd Party Windows DLLs with Python

Anthony Tuininga anthony at
Fri Aug 23 22:08:14 CEST 2002

There is a nice little set of modules called "windll", "calldll" and
"npstruct" that allow you to do just that. If you need the web location,
let me know and I'll look it up again.

On Fri, 2002-08-23 at 13:41, LeeIngram wrote:
> After searching documents and Mark Hammond's excellent Win32
> extensions I am still unable to identify the steps necessary to use
> Windows DLLs as Python extensions. I do not want to use Active X
> controls but honest-to-goodness DLLs. The DLLs are not written in C or
> C++ (they can be written using Delphi or PowerBASIC). For some, the
> source code is not available but the "C" callable interface is
> documented.
> Any help or pointers are appreciated.
> Thanks in advance,
> Lee
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