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Michael Bacarella mbac at
Mon Aug 5 18:12:32 CEST 2002

> Well, I'm 15 years old looking to have a future in programming.  I've
> been playing around with the basics of a few different languages (C,
> C++, Perl, Python, and Java).  I know I want to learn C, but as far as
> perl and python I'm trying to decide which.  I know right now perl can
> be considered more marketable, but I also like python because it looks
> to be growing and to have a good future.  But I started to learn perl
> before I found python (from another perl developer ironically).  I was
> wondering if there was anything that can be done in python that can't
> be done in perl.

Neat, I was at that point 6 years ago. Although I had a lot
less fun toys at my disposal..

Here's what I did right, in order:

	Learned C as first language
	Dinked with assembly, poked at VGA
	Play with TCL
	Installed Linux
	Play with Perl
	Deleted Windows
	Write Perl professionally
	Develop love affair with Python
	Cheat on Python with Ruby

Here's what I did wrong:

	Learn Win32 API
	Learn C++
	Tried tolerating Java

Good luck!

``I get back to work and the janitor's asleep at the terminal.
I ask him if he wants to work here too, but he likes the ability
to bust in on people when they're in the toilet...''

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