'This sound familiar to any Tk-on-Win expert? (was: tkinter

Grayson, John John.Grayson at GDC4S.Com
Fri Aug 16 12:44:43 CEST 2002

--- In python-list at y..., Jeff Hobbs <JeffH at A...> wrote:

I remember going through this scenario around 6 years, or so, ago.
At that time the cause was binary distributions of Tcl/Tk and/or
Python built with Borland being used to build Python in a VC++ 
environment. Symptom was to get an access violation when you exited.
It was highly repeatable...

I have not being following all of this thread, but has Python and
Tcl/Tk been built in the same development environment? (i.e. build
everything from scratch)


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