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Max M maxm at
Mon Aug 5 17:45:55 CEST 2002

Kyle Babich wrote:
> I know I want to learn C,

Postpone this as long as possible ... Not because c is bad, but because 
it is hard. You will have a lot more fun developing in Python as you 
will se results much faster. Python will also teach you the "right" way 
of writing software much faster. Which can be transfered to c when that 
time comes.

 > but as far as
> perl and python I'm trying to decide which.

The only thing Perl can teach you is to love pain, and there are better 
ways of doing that!

In perl simple things are fast and easy, but as you need to do more 
complicated things it gets old really fast.

I to came from Perl and held off because I found the whitespace 
indentation issue to be strange. Doh! My stubbornnes wasted me a year 
and a lot of expensive Perl books.

regards Max M

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