Python and ZOPE

Domenic R. Merenda dom at edgereport.put_a_c_o_m_here
Fri Aug 9 02:40:10 CEST 2002

Ni Hao, Tza-Hua!

   I favor Python as a programming language, due to its ability to allow me
to rapidly develop and deploy applications across a wide variety of
platforms, as well as it's "Super Glue" factor.  However, I also maintain
The Edge Report, a content syndication and distribution site, which is
deployed with PHP-Nuke.

   I served previously as the Vice President of Business Development for the
now defunct, which had the fortune of welcoming the core Python
team aboard for a short stint, including the release of Python 2.0.  During
my tenure, I had intimate contact with the folks at Digital Creations, and
their product, Zope.  Many things about Zope have impressed me, and continue
to impress me as I work with the server.  I find it very easy, as a Python
programmer, to customize the system, and it scales fairly nicely when you
put it into a production environment.  As a web developer working by myself,
Zope is certainly an amazing platform, and you can accomplish a great deal
of tasks with wonderful results.  However, I am not working by myself any
longer.  The people who assist me in the development and maintenance of The
Edge Report are not as fluent with Python, and prefer languages such as PHP
or Perl.  Because of this, I was forced to move solely to PHP-Nuke, in order
to facilitate their contributions.

   The PHP-Nuke package installs easily, customizes well, and plays nicely
with SOAP/XML and other interchange formats.  Its administration is a
breeze, and I have yet to find a limitation of development, assuming you
wish to use PHP for expanding the site and/or server.  I, being a glutton
for punishment, have chosen to rely on Python as heavily as possible,
however.  Because of this, I am forced to tie the language to the PHP-Nuke
package, and this slows things down somewhat.  However, because I have done
the work on the front end, the Python code can be maintained easily by
subordinates, lightening my workload.  The real gripes I have with PHP-Nuke
are twofold.  First, because of the processor intensive interpretation of
the PHP, the pages load slowly on even the fastest of machines, and the CPU
load tends to cause the package to scale poorly.  The second major gripe is
with the development of the language.  Mr. Burzi, it's primary maintainer,
does not have the advantage Digital Creations affords Guido and his team, as
well as the Zope guys.  Mr. Burzi does not have a benefactor paying for the
development of the package, and relies on uncompensated efforts of generous
souls.  Updates and fixes are released regularly, if somewhat slowly.  In
contrast, history has shown us that Guido and his team aren't going to let
us down when there's an issue to be fixed.

   If I can help you in any way to make your decision, please do not
hesitate to drop me a line.  I confess that I cannot answer your second
question, and so I leave that to the rest of the group.

Domenic R. Merenda
Editor, The Edge Report

"Tzu-Hua Wang, NCUE, Taiwan" <biogary at> wrote in message
news:aiu4cb$4sd at
> Hello All:
> I have two questions to ask...
> Can anyone give me a hand?
> 1. What's the MAJOR difference between ZOPE and PHP-NUKE which influence
> to choose ZOPE?
> 2. Is the Python the best language to develop a SCORM-based e-learning web
> station? And how about PHP?

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