Python Prompt in DOS Window

Tim Roberts timr at
Thu Aug 22 06:58:34 CEST 2002

Peter Hansen <peter at> wrote:

>Tim Roberts wrote:
>> "Ali K" <akakakhel at> wrote:
>> >
>> >I would like to know how to write a script in the DOS window that opens up
>> >when you click on python.exe?
>> After you have typed a line into the interactive shell, it is gone.  You
>> can't save them to a file.
>Although in the context of the original question, this is quite true, ...

And, actually my first statement isn't quite true.  On the NT-based
systems, all programs that read from stdin using normal means automatically
inherit DOSKEY support.  That is, I can use the cursor keys to scroll
through my past history, edit the lines, and resubmit them.

However, that still provides no method to save them to a file.
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