How read/write long text from/to DB

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Mon Aug 19 14:48:04 CEST 2002

laodizhu at (laodizhu) wrote in message news:<8067f6d4.0208181710.4a918952 at>...
> Hello everyone:
>      I'm using mxODBC.Windows to R/W long/text(<100KByte) to MSSql.
> I tryed use data type "text", "binary" to create table column, and 
> when I insert record to database, I get error message like "data 
> length too long " or "type mismatch" etc.
>      Any one can make suggestion in long text binary database programing
> in python? I had read mxODBC help, but still not know what should I do.
> Code sample is special valueable for me.
>      Other DB Module solution is also welcome.
>      Thanks at advance.
>      laodizhu at

Text is the appropriate datatype for a long text column. Try making
sure your long text columns come *last* in your insert query.

Wade Leftwich
Ithaca, NY

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