Could Python supplant Java?

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Fri Aug 23 23:05:36 CEST 2002

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> > > Hmmmm....
> >
> > You do realize that that paper is not a serious argument,
> > right? It's more an insult than an argument, pouring contempt
> > on people who earn a living in software
> ok, different views.
> > It's also strongly divorced from reality.
> Hmmm... At least RedHat gets success, nor?

I am not persuaded that RedHat has a viable
business model yet. Yes, they are doing much
better than the average open source business, but
it's not clear that this will continue; the business
tends to see lots of changes, and it's not obvious
that RedHat will adapt.

We'll see.

> > Because you haven't paid for it. I know you want
> > to enjoy the benefits of Microsoft's work without
> > paying them more than a nominal sum for it, but
> > there's no way a very large project like Windows NT
> > could be viable if Microsoft didn't have the power
> > to forbid that.
> very large project? hmm... GNU/Linux?

As I said, programming wil write *something* even
if not paid. But you won't get NT, you get GNU/Linux.

And I see that as a bad thing. :D

> > But it's all odds and ends, experiments in
> > technology. Such are the things that catch
> > my imagination.
> Sounds interesting, I'll take a look tomorrow.

Cool. I'll actually get a visitor. That'll be different. :D

> > And that's more than RMS can say, what he
> > writes is always under a highly restrictive
> > license, which would be meaningless but for
> > the intellectual property rights he condemns.
> again, different views, and I prefer to RHS'. (and I think that not
> only software should be free, though it's far from reality)

I'm glad you prefer my notion of a "free" license to
RMS's, but sadly it's a minority view: the GPL is
awfully popular.

> > > .... damned... VB.... (I just hate any thing derived from basic,
> > > don't mind :)
> >
> > It's a bit of a throwback to Microsoft's roots. Fear
> > not, MS seems to be favoring C# these days.
> No, because I hate its language syntax, not about M$.

Well, C# has a different syntax, one a bit less

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