Steven sadams123 at
Fri Aug 30 04:31:22 CEST 2002

"Mark Hammond" <mhammond at>

> This generally means that a dependent DLL is missing.  Try the following
> command:
> C:>dumpbin /imports wincerapi.pyd | grep -i dll
> This is a simple way to show all the DLLs we depend on.  It is not
> recursive but that is unlikely to matter here (a free tool called
> "depends" is better if you need these extra features).
> Hopefully you will find a DLL named that does not exist on your system.

thanks again Mark,

that did the trick.

Turns out it was looking for PyWinTypes23.dll, which didn't exist on the
Making a copy of PyWintypes22.dll and renaming it to PyWintypes23.dll (while
being a bit of a kludge) seems to do the trick, the cerapi test module works
without a hitch.


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