threaded embedded python calls

Stuart D. Gathman stuart at
Sat Aug 24 13:05:38 EDT 2002

On Fri, 23 Aug 2002 18:02:35 -0400, Thomas Grill wrote:

> i'm really stressing my nerves with this one: I have some threaded c
> code which loads a python module and calls functions therein. The calls
> can occur in several different threads.
> I've read every line i could find on this topic (especially "8.1 Thread
> State and...." - hard to believe that THIS could make it into the
> official documentation...) - yet, nothing but deadlocks and crashes.
> Could someone point me to some real functioning code how this is
> managed? That would be extremely cool.

Here is another example:

The miltermodule.c code should help.  This application starts in python,
but transfers control to a multithreaded C library (libmilter) which then
invokes python callbacks from many C threads.  An important key is
PyAcquireThreadState (sp?) since the same interpreter thread state may be
called by different C threads.

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