make install

John Hunter jdhunter at
Fri Aug 2 05:54:24 CEST 2002

>>>>> "Terry" == Terry Hancock <hancock at> writes:

    Terry> In other words, does "make install" actually compile
    Terry> anything or otherwise do CPU-sensitive stuff. Both machines
    Terry> will typically be running Unix or Linux.

Make is a pretty dumb program.  It will only rebuild sources if a
source file is newer than a compiled version, ie if somefile.c has a
modification time later than somefile.o.

So if you haven't changed any of the sources since your last 'make',
'make install' will just put the libs and the rest of the gang into
their install destinations.

This can be OK, or a total disaster, depending on the architecture of
your LAN.  If there are any dynamic libraries on the build platform
that don't exist on the install platform, then you will get runtime
errors "Cannot find library such and".  There may be static
build options for python, which will increase your chances of success.

John Hunter

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