text mode password entry

Allen Unueco aunueco at veritas.com
Sat Aug 3 02:46:20 EDT 2002

aunueco at veritas.com (Allen Unueco) wrote in message news:<f0eefec9.0208021515.5eb050e9 at posting.google.com>...
> I'm working on a command line client application.  It needs to ask the
> user for a password and not echo the password back as they type.  I
> can't find a way to do this without using the curses module.
> This client needs to work on a few POSIX platforms and Win32.  I would
> rather not have to install anything other then the standard Python
> distribution.
> Is this possible?
> -Allen

Sorry for the lame-ass question, I found getpass about 10min after
posting this.  I need a better way of searching the python docs.  :/


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