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Wed Aug 28 20:52:52 CEST 2002

In article <uniomu8pdi7tm169b4g6225d5oqdrkj2go at>, Tim Roberts wrote:

> In my opinion, your first approach is the better one: use the
> native widgets wherever possible.


> Why?  Familiarity.  Lots of marketing departments have the
> "cross-platform" bullet item disease, but the fact is that
> very, very few people actually use a single application on
> multiple platforms.  Thus, having KillerApp on Windows look the
> same pixel-for-pixel as KillerApp on Linux is just not that
> important.

Not only is it not important, it's not desirable at all. (IMO)

After years of suffering I've finally managed to get used to
the Win32 GUI enough that I can switch back and forth between
Win32 and X without screaming.  I want X apps to act like X
apps and Win32 apps to act like Win32 apps.

If I had to use some sort of bastardized, least-common-denominator 
GUI that's the same under X and Win32 but isn't "right" on
either, then I'd have to start screaming again.  And that
annoys the others in the office, so let's not do that...

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