Python vs. Ruby (and os.path.walk)

Phil Tomson ptkwt at
Sun Aug 11 08:05:19 CEST 2002

In article <gX959.14794$Xb.1803611 at>,
Steven Atkinson <sja at> wrote:
[snipped stuff about Ruby being faster ....]
>I'm still leaning toward Python since Ruby seems just a tad awkward to me
>(especially since script writing is not a everyday activity for me).

Well, at least Ruby is in the running...  You probably wouldn't have 
considered Ruby a year ago which shows that we're making some progress 
;-).  Just curious, what aspects of Ruby do you 
find awkward? we're always looking to improve.  I think you mentioned in 
the first post of this thread that 
you're a C++ programmer and you find Python more natural.  I've also done 
a good bit of C++, but find Ruby more natural.  I often find that I can do 
rapid protyping in Ruby and then easily convert the prototype over to C++ 
(or I bring C++ into Ruby using Swig)... but of course you can do the same 
in Python.


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