Using the CMF to create new roles.

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Thu Aug 15 16:14:43 CEST 2002

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> Hello,
> I'm trying to create a new application with Zope and CMF.
> I notice that when I create users using the acl_user folder,
> the roles that are defined are "Manager", "Member", "Owner"
> and "Reviewer".
> I'm trying to change and/or expand the roles.  For instance,
> I'd like roles like the following:
> Administrator
> Librarian
> Reviewer
> User
> etc. etc. etc.
> I don't see an obvious way to do this.  Can someone help me out?
> I'm using CMF-1.3 and Zope 2.5.1 on a Linux RedHat 7.3 x86 box.

First, questions related to ZOPE and CMF should probably be directed
at the ZOPE malinglists. See '' for ZOPE related

In ZMI navigate to the folder in which you want to define new roles.
select the 'Security' tab, and scroll to the bottom.

Here you will find an interface for adding and deleting new roles.

  --  Arnar Lundesgaard

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