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> Chris Liechti wrote:
>> you'll probably want to look at the threading module. to learn about
>> threads, you can look at the slides on Aahz page:
> I have looked into using threading and I have tried starting a thread
> for the different components. It works but for some reason it makes
> the interfaces *much* slower than they usually are. For instance, if I
> type into a text widget it takes a long time for the display to catch
> up and show the characters I typed in. Any suggestions or ideas on why
> this might be happening?

do you have a thread that consumes all the CPU cycles? e.g. if you read 
from sockets, you should use blocking IO to avoid processing empty strings 
all the time.
(you could temporary place a print statement in all your loops in the 
threads, to find out which one is running all the time.)


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