Could Python supplant Java?

Marty Backe marty at
Thu Aug 22 22:01:04 CEST 2002

Actually, Solaris now ships with all the GNU tools, which of course includes

In article <3D64F242.DF32B298 at>, Donal K. Fellows wrote:
> Darren New wrote:
>> goose wrote:
>>> of all the systems I've worked on, only windows needs help to turn it
>>> into a development machine, all the others install tools (or prompt
>>> you on installation asking if you want to install)
>> Solaris doesn't come with a C compiler, last I looked.
> I thought it was an optional package.  I could be wrong though.
> Donal (This IRIX box might as well be without a compiler; there are several
>        present, and they all conspicuously fail to compile anything... :^/ )

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