Python embedded - linking problem on Linux - trying again

Jarkko Torppa torppa at
Wed Aug 14 12:20:17 EDT 2002

In article <3D5A7C7F.2030800 at>, Kim Petersen wrote:
>>>ImportError: /usr/lib/python2.1/lib-dynload/ undefined 
>>>symbol: PyExc_IOError
> When doing an `nm` it seems that the symbol is present:
> 0006e930 B PyExc_FloatingPointError
> 0006e924 B PyExc_IOError
> 0006e94c B PyExc_ImportError
> (unless i'm mistaken - which easily could be the case - since i'm not a 
> really low level hack ;-)

Yep seems to be there, 

:import exceptions
work ?

If it works, I suspect that this could be something funny in the
way dlopen works. Wonder if the dynlinking that python uses is
somehow incompatible to the one that cobol uses ? But I have
no idea how to tell.

Jarkko Torppa, Elisa Internet

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