Converting Python app to C++ completely

Fernando Pereira pereira at
Fri Aug 30 01:45:55 CEST 2002

On 8/29/02 1:37 PM, in article aklm6c$r1r$1 at, "Alan James
Salmoni" <salmonia.nospam.please at> wrote:

> Now, what I want to do is write the thing in C++. The reason? heh,
> because I want to ;) Well, actually I want to learn C++ too, and I would
> like to have the performance of a compiled program for larger data sets
> (just for fun and comparison more than anything).
You could probably achieve your performance goals and still use mostly
Python by converting your contingency table/matrix calculations to use
> 5) Is there a free C++ compiler for Mac OS8/9? I am going to use GCC for
> every other platform (the Python version is currently multi-platform -
> even OSX, but not OS8 or 9 sadly).
Why would you want to develop code for a completely obsolete OS?

-- F

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