Could Python supplant Java?

Dan Johnson danieljohnson at
Wed Aug 21 17:15:12 EDT 2002

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> According to Tim Tyler  <tim at>:
> :In d2002xx <d2002xx at> wrote:
> :
> ::> I cannot imagine why anyone would use C unless it's necessary :-)
> :
> :: Hmmm... Because gcc is much faster than g++...
> :
> :Compilation time?
> :
> :If you're a developer - and this is a problem - you buy a faster
> If you're a developer, in all likelihood you can't afford to buy a
> faster computer.

I suspect he meant an *employed* developer. :D

>  And many employers have decided that the next computer
> they are going to buy is a Windows machine, which is certainly
> enough to cause many a developer to consider a career change into
> medicine, environmental recyling engineer (aka garbage pickup and
> or perhaps kindergarten herder ...

Serious question:

What is so developer-hostile about Windows?

Are you sure it isn't really Microsoft you find.. hostile? :D

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