ASP Namespace question

Max M maxm at
Thu Aug 15 02:33:28 EDT 2002

Steve Holden wrote:
> In trying to refactor some ASP functionality I came face-to-face with a
> rather unpleasant problem that I'd completely forgotten about. The ASP
> environment contains names for standard obbjects like Request, Response, and
> so on. Is there some module I can import to make these available in other
> modules my pages import, or am I doomed to either a) write pages as
> monolithing scripts or b) pass these environemntal objects as arguments to
> any code in external modules that needs them?

I believe that there was a thread recently (few weeks ago) about the 
same thing. The person asking got a reply from Mark Hammond so you 
should be able to google it.

Personally I would pass the parameters ...

regards Max M

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