Database experiences in Python: Good or Bad?

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Wed Aug 14 15:02:56 CEST 2002

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> > I am in the middle of "making the switch" to SAPDB.
> ...
> > So .. I still haven't tried it with Zope yet, hopefully later today
>   What's the status of ZsapdbDA?  It appears to have been unmaintained
> for quite a while.  However, since ZsapdbDA is "derived from
> ZOracleDA/ZMySQLDB" and based on SAP's official, mature Python
> modules, perhaps the initial version was stable enough?

It seems to be okay, but I have found a few typo's that might be fixed in

What's killing me today is that sapdbapi doesn't represent times/dates as
class objects, like I got with gvibDA.. I have a lot of XSLT code that uses
xml_pickle objects.. and a pickled timestamp from gvib doesn't look anything
like that from SAP.

In fact, SAP timestamps are 20 character strings.. really ugly.


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