RELEASED: Pymacs 0.18

François Pinard pinard at
Mon Aug 19 05:19:06 CEST 2002

Hi!  A new release of Pymacs is available as:

Pymacs allows Emacs users to extend Emacs using Python, where they might have
traditionally used Emacs LISP.  Pymacs runs on systems having sub-processes.

Not much since last release, and nothing planned for the incoming weeks...
I release now mainly for the benefit of `rebox' users.

* The `lisp()' function may now accept many expressions instead of only one;
  they are all evaluated and the value of the last expression is returned.

* For speed, the `*Pymacs*' buffer does not keep an `undo' list anymore.

* I corrected tiny bugs in the `rebox' example tool, that could prevent
  proper operation in some circumstances.

François Pinard

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