Database experiences in Python: Good or Bad?

brueckd at brueckd at
Tue Aug 6 18:04:16 EDT 2002

On Tue, 6 Aug 2002, Gerhard Häring wrote:

> * brueckd at <brueckd at> [2002-08-06 07:52 -0700]:
> > Of the commercial DBs, I've had good results using DCOracle2 on Linux
> > You can also specify the full connection string inside of your program
> > instead of editing the TNSNAMES.ORA file, further eliminating the
> > client-side setup work.
> Could you perhaps send me an example of such a setup string for
> DCOracle2? Could you perhaps cc gerhard.haering at ? That
> would be very kind.

Sure. Here's the format (all a one-line string):


where username/password = frank/knarf, the DB is at IP address, 
and the DB instance name is mydb. Just plop that in the connect string 
property of your Z Oracle Database Connection object and it should work.


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