Are most programmers male?

Peter Hansen peter at
Tue Aug 13 06:06:10 CEST 2002

Peter Hansen wrote:
> Lance Ellinghaus wrote:
> >
> > My wife [...] says that for her, she chose a profession that dealt with
> > people and not computers, she is a Physician Assistant-Certified.
> I deal far more with people than with computers in my day to day work.
> I hire people who know how to deal with people well.  I don't hire
> "programmers", I hire intelligent, enthusiastic people with good
> communication skills, who have be trained or learned to program.
> And one of those "anti-social engineer types with no people skills".

D'oh!  Apparently I'm one of those "engineers with no communication
skills", since I meant "And *I am* one of those...." in the above.
Also there's a typo with "who have be[en] trained".  Not one of my 
better days. :(


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