Idle and breakpoints

TuxTrax TuxTrax at
Fri Aug 23 14:49:13 EDT 2002

Hi all

I have been using emacs to write a python program, and as needed,
I will bring up idle to do some debugging. Idle is good for stepping through 
code and looking at what it's doing, but there is one thing I haven't been
able to figure out how to do. I can set a break point, but I haven't figured
out how to run the program to the break point, and then step line by line from
the break point on down. When I try this, after running the script, it just
begins the step process from the beginning of the script. I need to be able to
run to breakpoint and *then* step line by line, because I have loops that are
doing like, 300 iterations, and I'm not going to click the mouse that many

I am running python 2.0 on Linux. Any help is appreciated.



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