ANN: New PEP Format: reStructuredText

Max M maxm at
Fri Aug 30 09:53:46 CEST 2002

I must say that reStructuredText text is a beautiful execution of a 
simple idea.

Having used both structuredText and structuredTextNG under Zope, and 
even getting users/customers to write in it, i must say that it is very 
popular when first they get used to it.

Also reStructuredText basically removes any gripes with the previous 
versions of structured text.

It's simply brilliant to have a format that both look good in a doc 
string and can render to structured documents like html, xml etc.

Much nicer than how it's done in both Java and Perl.

Now I only need to write a small programme that uses reStructuredText 
and Reportlab to generate presentations/slides for me in Pdf ;-)

Slide number 1

* Silly point no. 1
     - silly sub point
* Silly point no. 2
* Silly point no. 3

regards Max M

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