Python for use corporate ecommerce site?

stibbs stibbs at
Fri Aug 16 02:12:17 CEST 2002

On Thu, 15 Aug 2002 18:53:41 -0400, Richard Jones wrote:

> On Fri, 16 Aug 2002 5:24 am, stibbs wrote:

>> and the main thing the project manager and also the other developers
>> and myself are concerned about is that it must be as fast (in all
>> areas) as if the system were done using mod_perl.
> What's "fast"? Do you have any actual numeric requirements, or do you
> just have a vague "it must be fast" requirement?

Just a vague "it must be fast." :) 

>> The other developers and myself
>> realize that with speed a major factor is the code itself, lets put
>> that aside and just assume for this post that our developers are
>> capable of programming in python "the right way" (although any links to
>> the most efficient way to apply python are welcome).
> We serve up a very popular, high-hit website at - I'm spent
> some time optimising our Zope installation to cope with that. The
> results of my efforts are at:

Thanks for the link, i'll read up.

> ... some of those optimisations are relevant whether you're using Zope
> or not.
>> would we use python/mod_python by itself or use them in conjunction
>> with c++?
>> is there anything in the python world that is equal to the likes in
>> functionality and stability as mason?
> I'd _strongly_ recommend you use a web service framework like Zope,
> Albatross, etc. rather than develop your own. You've got more than
> enough to do in implementing the shop!

Reading up on all of them now. I have toyed with zope about 2 years ago
and didn't really get into it to muc but i'll give it another shot.

> A good place for you to start is:
> ... but there's no link to albatross (and possibly others) on there:

i'll also be reading up on albatross tonight, that's one i've never ran
across before. 

>> please give me any other suggestions you may have. ***I would
>> especially appreciate unbiased advice from people who use multiple
>> programming languages and who follow the motto that the right tool/s
>> should be used for the job, not just one tool for everything***
> I've used C, Perl, Python and Zope to do web programming since the early
> 1990s. Zope is by far the best solution I've found. If I was to develop
> an application from scratch though (and I really, really want to
> discourage you from doing that!) then I'd start with Python. No question
> there.
>      Richard

Thanks again,

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