Being forced into VB.NET...can Python code be used in this framework?

Peter Hansen peter at
Wed Aug 7 05:24:19 CEST 2002

Gabe Newcomb wrote:
> Ack! I work in a QA dept, doing mainly test automation. So far, I've
> been doing my work in Python. However, it has been decided that everbody
> in the group should switch to a common language so that we can get
> things done faster and more easily share code; this was also done
> because when we hire new people, it'll be easier to find someone who
> knows VB.NET than someone who knows Python. I can't really argue with
> this thoughts--I've explained that the learning curve for Python is
> REALLY short, but it doesn't seem to matter.
> So, I'm being forced to use VB.NET. This honestly bums me out. I guess
> I'm sending this message for two reasons:
> 1) to complain and gather sympathy

Believe me, you have it.  In spades.  Ouch!  And have I said lately
"you work for idiots"?  :)

Is this decision a Done Deal, as in one that even if just to save face
they won't back away from?  Or would input on exactly such issues from
a director of software engineering in a telecom help?  I've
standardized us on Python for effectively anything for which it
can feasibly be used simply *because* it is so easy to bring new
hires up to speed on it, while vastly improving productivity and
quality for all our work.  I can't imagine VB.NET (or anything from
MS, but that's another story) having the same benefits in terms of
ease of use, flexibility, maintainability (very key, especially for
testing departments!  how can they not understand this?!), and
freedom from the manufacturer deciding they need to increase the
revenue stream again by releasing incompatible new versions and
forcing you to purchase new tools...

To date I've hired something like twenty developers only one of
whom had even heard of Python before the interview, and none have
had the slightest difficulty becoming productive within a week
or two.  Certainly more so than many of the VB.NET programmers
that you would find out there at this early stage of the game...


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