Is it worth learning python?

Matthew Sherborne miracle at
Thu Aug 22 15:17:13 EDT 2002

Peter Hansen wrote:
> Grant Edwards wrote:
>>In article <ak1lq0$gro$1 at>, Aahz wrote:
>>>In article <slrnam8elt.q9j.grante at localhost.localdomain>,
>>>Grant Edwards  <grante at> wrote:
>>>>If you want a good job, you'll need a degree.
>>>Nope.  Degree helps, but it's not needed.

I have no degree, and am head of software development (in a small 
company allbeit).

I got asked about not having a degree in about 50% of interviews. And 
now I interview others, and I gave one person a job who had a nice 
portfolio of work over another person who had 3 degrees.

I think non-it-savvy employers look for degrees because they have no 
other way of measuring.

Matthew Sherborne

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