Could Python supplant Java?

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In article <1fh7m46.1rm1rwrubs0naN%ftl at>, Peter Perlsø wrote:
> netvegetable <deathtospam43423 at> wrote:
>> Not offering any personal opinion on this conjecture, but a lot of people
>> are saying that java has failed to become a widely accepted cross platform
>> language for applications.
> I disagree. Java has 10 years of evolution, marketing and buzzworkign
> behind it.

Less than 10 years. Java emerged in 1996, if I'm not mistaken. And it
matured only a few years ago.

> Python is new

Certainly not. You apparently know zilch about Python.

Oldest Python announcement I could find via (from 1991):
Python 1.0 in CVS (8 years old):

> and immature.

The two implementations (CPython and Jython) - certainly not.
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