javascript execution from Python script

Matt Gerrans matt_gerrans at
Wed Aug 28 18:15:21 CEST 2002

Okay.   Based on the code Dave posted, I thought he was able to do the
import of win32com and then use win32com.client.DispatchEx() (like importing
os and using os.path.abspath() and whatnot).   Based on his subsequent post,
that doesn't seem to be the case, though.   From this, I infer that os
simply imports path and that is why you can use path members (from os)
without explicitly importing it... okay I just went and looked and that is
what it does (actually, it picks the appropriate path module depending on
the platform as assigns it to os.path).

"Mark Hammond" <mhammond at> wrote in message
news:0GVa9.16614$MC2.51893 at
> Matt Gerrans wrote:
> The function you are trying to use is a member of the win32com.client
> module, not directly in win32com.  The implementation details of
> Python's package import mechanism means that this is not *always*
> necessary, but it is always "right".
> Mark.

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