still struggling with alt install directory when running "silent"

Trent Mick trentm at
Wed Aug 21 14:28:25 EDT 2002

[Skip Montanaro wrote]
> Earlier I asked if there was a way to specify an alternative install
> directory when running the WISE installer with the /silent flag.  Thomas
> Heller responded with some information from the WISE help file which
> described the /X flag which looked promising:
>     /X pathname extracts files into pathname
> I then tried:
>     Python-2.1.3.exe /x c:\temp\tmp\2.1.3
> after creating the aforementioned directory.  Alas, this caused the
> installer to completely flatten the directory tree, installing *all* files
> in that directory.  Packages were squashed, .py files and .html files were
> mixed together, etc.
> Is there some way to specify an alternative install directory which
> preserves the directory structure, something like configure's --prefix=dir
> option?  Recall, my intent is to run this using /silent, so the usual
> interactive directory selection mechanism isn't available.

Is using ActivePython an option for you? It can do this:

    C:\> msiexec ActivePython-<version>.msi /qn+ INSTALLDIR=C:\mypy


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