Python couldnt recognize ***.py file !!!

Greg Krohn ("X", "@") "".replace
Wed Aug 28 05:01:51 CEST 2002

"quite black" <quiteblack at> wrote in message
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> Yep it surprised me much but it is true, at least true for me.
> Frankly I'm not so well in Python2.2, so I followed some tutorial but
failed...I'll state my steps below:
> first, I pressed Ctrl+N to open a new window(my OS is windows2k).
> then, I pasted the code into that blank new sheet.
> next, I select "save" command to save the code into a .py file and I put
it on desktop.
> it seems everything is OK, so I open another new window and pressed Ctrl+O
to open a text file. And strange things happened, it couldnt find the file
saved before. What's the matter ???

What editor are you using? Notepad?

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