(OT) Curtesy CC's (Whitelist/verification spam filters

Paul Rubin phr-n2002b at NOSPAMnightsong.com
Wed Aug 28 09:08:38 CEST 2002

mertz at gnosis.cx (David Mertz, Ph.D.) writes:
> I will often email someone who made a Usenet comment--I feel like their
> contribution invites that (but I won't to Paul, now that I know better).
> But only if I have something to say that I feel is relevant only to
> them, rather than to the group as a whole.  Sometimes it is just to
> compliment or query some comment they made.  Sometimes because I'd like
> to initiate some side correspondence or collaboration.  Stuff like that.

Yes, that's a reasonable approach, and I don't mind getting email like
that.  Most of the time though, if a question is relevant to the
newsgroup, the answer is also relevant to the newsgroup, so in those
situations I'd rather not get the email.

Like you, my biggest annoyance is when someone both posts a reply AND
emails it, and doesn't bother putting in the email that they've done both.
Arggh!  Please don't do that, folks!

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