Emacs Colors are driving me crazy!

Turd Ferguson turd_f at comet.radar.com
Thu Aug 8 22:57:37 EDT 2002

sewer_clown at linuxmail.org wrote:
> On Fri, 09 Aug 2002 02:04:09 -0000, TuxTrax at fortress.tuxnet.net
> (TuxTrax) wrote:
>>Hi all. 
>>I really hosed emacs on my account. My wifes account is unaffected. She can
>>use Emacs just fine.
>>What happened is this:
>>I went into KDE control panel, and changed some settings for the look and
>>feel. One of the settings I changed is the "apply fonts and colors to non
>>KDE applications". I checked that box.
>>The next time I ran Emacs, all text is in a reverse-like format. the letters
>>are in the color that the default background used to be, and the background is
>>white, but only where there are letters. It makes Emacs look like
>>a serial killer cut and pasted all the text onto the screen.
>>Of course, I am referring to running emacs from KDE. it dosen't matter
>>in black and white from the CLI.
>>This makes emacs unusable, and especially so, for the python programming that
>>I was doing. Emacs does a nice job of highlighting with color, all of the
>>python statements and so on. It dosen't do it anymore. it's all just white.
>>I have since unchecked the box in  KDE to no avail. In fact I have tried
>>everything I could think of including uninstalling and reinstalling it. no
>>I *need* emacs. It's got to be a local setting, because It dosen't do it with 
>>my wife's account on the same machine. I would really like to know where it is
>>storing this god awful setting - it's got to be in a file that identifies 
>>itself to emacs as being my settings, but I haven't been able to find it. 
>>Any help that can be offered will be highly appreciated. I know that I am not
>>the first person that this has ever happened to. Someone must know the answer.
> Sounds like you have just adapted Emacs to look like the rest of
> Linux.
> Too bad though because Emacs is actually one of the better Linux
> programs.

I sure hope Stallman isn't reading usenet today.  He would $h!t himself 
if he heard anyone call Emacs a 'Linux Program.'

As for the orginal post, I don't personally care for KDE, and therefore 
don't use it.  I thinks it's config files are located in ~/.kde/share.

Maybe that will help, maybe not.  Good luck.


May the source be with you

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