Remove diretory with files in it

Vasisht Tadigotla vasisht at
Sun Aug 25 05:38:56 CEST 2002

or you can use the rmtree() function in shutil module. this removes the
directory even there are files present in it.

On 24 Aug 2002, Paul Rubin wrote:

> samuel Parkay <sap at> writes:
> > I can;'t  seem to make the os.rmdir()path) command to work the way I
> > need it .  I would like it to be like" rm -rf" in unix .  It keeps
> > throwing an exception about not being empty.  Is there a way to rmove
> > a directory and it's contents in python?
> You have to remove all the contents before you can rmdir a directory.
> Using os.system("rm -rf directory") is probably the simplest.
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